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About Us

Our obsession started in the early 90’s when we hung out our sign and opened our first showroom in the competitive South Florida interior design market. It was a time when carpeting was quickly becoming a thing of the past and people were investing in hard surface flooring like wood, stone and tile. What was once a backdrop of bland color and texture under our feet soon became a key player in the design world. And from a designer’s viewpoint, we had fallen in love all over again.

We soon realized the power of the floor. Rugs became artwork for the floors, transforming a single space with the purchase of just one item. Never before had any single item played such an important role in design.

It soon became apparent that something as simple as a rug could either be the focal point or the sole item that could pull a room together. And since rugs come in every size, color and quality, we were always able to find several to choose from, even for our most finicky clients.

From the old-world craftsmanship of meticulously hand-knotting individual yarns to the most technologically advanced power-looms that create some of today’s most price-friendly and durable designs, we are here to share our experiences, our sources and, of course, our passion.