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Why Choose Rugaholic?

At Rugaholic, we have a unique appreciation for rugs. Coming exclusively from an interior design background, we understand the potential that a single rug purchase can make to your room. We understand the market trends and know where to look. And our factory-direct pricing offers the lowest prices allowed.

We also understand the importance of quality and reputation which is why we have carefully chosen the companies that we represent based on our history with them. Call us picky, but we want to make sure you’re not only thrilled the day you receive your rug, but for many years to come.

Rugaholic also offers you a 15-day easy return policy, as well as our unique sample program where many of our rugs can be previewed in your home before making your final decision. And should you decide to purchase a larger rug, the cost of the sample is completely free.

So why choose to buy from Rugaholic? Our design-based experience and knowledge give us a consumer’s perspective. We’ve been in the trenches and we understand the process of finding exactly the right rug. And while we have no problem competing with the prices of the big box stores and massive online discounters, you’ll find that shopping with us is a much more personal experience. Our goal isn’t to make a sale. Our goal is to earn a customer for life.